Probably the biggest impact on individuals from measures to combat coronavirus is the way they are working. Form commuting to and from a place of work, constantly interacting with colleagues and having all resources at their fingertips, they are now working on their own, from their homes.

The growth of remote-access software and VPNs has enabled organisations to facilitate remote working without disruption. It is critical their employees can still access the data they need and collaborate with colleagues and customers. Data centre workers have the responsibility to ensure this can happen. But, at times like this, even date centre managers and operators need to work remotely. To do this effectively, it is imperative they have secure, direct or BIOS-level access to systems they are managing.

The technology that allows this to happen is high performance IP KVM. KVM provides access to computers without exposing the computer to the public internet and without installing software. It gives data centre managers the ability to access, manage and control physical or virtual servers from any location. It allows reliable, instant and real-time access to essential digital interfaces in an organisation. In short, KVM allows data centres to function even when staffed remotely.

Employees of an organisation can operate as effectively as home as they can at work enabling the organisation to function as normal – perfect for these unprecedented times.