The Shard

AIT Partnership Group goes to new heights by building a data centre on the 28th floor of The Shard for South Hook Gas.

South Hook Gas is the UK’s largest importer of liquefied natural gas (LNG). From its own terminal at Milford Haven South Hook Gas provides up to 20% of the UK’s natural gas demand. They required specialist advice to build the data centre for their new office in The Shard. Their managed IT service provider Datrix turned to AIT Partnership Group Ltd to deliver the expertise.

The challenge

Building a data centre is always a challenge and building one 28 floors up the tallest structure in Western Europe required careful planning. AIT rose to the occasion making the most of their extensive design and project management experience.

“Fitting out a data centre in the sky with limited space and very difficult access conditions, was particularly complex,” said Steve Bailey, Managing Director of AIT. “AITs design had to make the most of the tight space available and provide the level of redundancy required. We had to be very careful selecting components to overcome the space and access restrictions”

The solution

AIT recommended 47U racks to maximise available space in the room. The servers are dual fed with each A and B feed supported by a UPS providing over 96% efficiency. The design also uses bypass switches for UPS maintenance and intelligent PDUs with environmental sensors in each rack to measure power usage and monitor the temperature and humidity throughout the room.

The result

AIT worked to very tight timescales and completed the design and build in just a few days ensuring that Datrix could install and commission the IT equipment in good time for South Hook Gas to move into The Shard in May 2014.

“AIT clearly researched the market and came up with the right project solution,”
concluded Ellis.