Sentrum Colo

In a highly competitive market Sentrum Colo differentiates itself by offering remote power usage monitoring, excellent customer service, and a choice of rack level options

Sentrum Colo is one of the leading colo specialists in the UK, with cutting edge data facilities conveniently positioned in West London, to enable them to offer value for money and unbeatable performance. It chose to use AIT PowerBCM to enable state-of-the-art power monitoring and reporting of alarm conditions in Sentrum Colo’s data centre facilities.

Offering N+N power protection, list-x security and 24hr support, Sentrum Colo’s tier III+ data centre facility provides a variety of rack options for its customers including a choice of power capacities between 4kW and 15kW. With carrier neutral connectivity and extensive data recovery facilities, Sentrum Colo always goes the extra mile, including providing the security of remote power monitoring for their customers.

The challenge

Co-location businesses are typically faced with the challenge of organising power circuit readings to manage the needs of the facility as well as customer contracts, all within a cost conscious environment.

Sentrum Colo wanted the flexibility to be able to offer a range of power capacities to customers up to 15kW per rack, and to automatically monitor and manage this usage on a per rack and per customer basis as well as monitor overall power limits within their facility.

As an integral part of policing power usage, Sentrum Colo wanted the ability to pre-set alarm conditions, such as exceeding thresholds or power failure to enhance service delivery to their customers. They also wanted to be able to offer customers access to their own power usage figures via a secure web interface to help differentiate their colo offering within the market.

The solution

AIT worked closely with Sentrum Colo to develop PowerBCM, a simple, secure web based system to address the challenge of monitoring and managing power down to the rack level in co-location facilities.

Power use can be tracked based on facility views grouped at PDU, UPS or site level and customer views grouped at cabinet level. Achieving this with other systems often requires external manipulation of power readings, by allocating power readings to cabinets and then grouping cabinets to customers, taking time and leading to human errors in calculating use.

The result

Power data (including kWh, kW, kVA and pf) is shown graphically or output via management reports as needed, grouped and filtered at site, UPS, PDU, cabinet or customer level as needed. Pre-set alarm conditions alert data centre staff when a limit is breached allowing them to take any necessary actions.

Sentrum Colo’s customers may also be given access to their own power usage via the secure web interface allowing them to remotely monitor their power usage. It’s a differentiating service that customers appreciate and enables Sentrum Colo to stand out from the crowd.

PowerBCM’s vendor independent open interface fits into any colo data centre using Modbus over IP or SNMP. AIT can integrate with Schneider and similar power metering systems or supply competitive branch or rack metering as part of a complete solution.