Okehampton College

Okehampton College improves efficiency and cuts energy costs with a SMARTset upgrade to boiler.

Okehampton College is a secondary school and sixth form located in the beautiful rolling hills of Devon and bordered by Dartmoor and the Okement River. The site includes several teaching blocks based around a Victorian Grammar School and a modern three storey block which present several energy challenges. Despite this the school has received regional, national and international acclaim for its green and sustainable agenda to reduce energy bills and develop renewable energy systems.

The challenge

The school was using a traditional time-clock to control their boiler with no remote control. This required a physical visit to the external boiler room, often out of hours, to meet additional demand for evening and weekend events.

Without visibility of the boiler controls the school was unable to optimise hot water and pump timings and make adjustments to heating controls which impacted on the school’s energy efficiency targets.

The solution

SMARTset was installed and configured in the Data Centre in under 3 days.

The school installed a SMARTset appliance monitor and manage the boiler replacing the existing controller. SMARTset software now individually controls both the boiler and the pumps, giving the school greater control over the hot water circuit.

The installation was extremely simple with boiler and pump ‘go’ signals controlled by SMARTset. Easy to use and configure with no specialist training or programming required SMARTset provides an ultra-low cost intelligent solution to replace traditional outdated building management systems. Used by some of the world’s biggest telecoms companies in hyper scale data centres it brings affordable low maintenance 21st technology to schools, colleges and offices of all sizes. With its unique capability to connect to existing plant and machinery SMARTset makes it possible to control older systems with the latest technology without the need for expensive installation. A configurable dashboard makes it possible to show staff and students how much energy is consumed in real time.

The result

“SMARTset is great, it was easy to install and is very easy to use. It shows us how much energy we are saving and allows us to react quickly and make changes which just wasn’t possible with the old controller and has helped us make significant energy savings”