East Riding of Yorkshire Council

East Riding of Yorkshire Council uses AIT expertise to audit their Data Centre and drive efficiency.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council is situated on the picturesque East coast of Yorkshire and the Humber covering some 957 square miles and populated by around 600,000 individuals. With a long history of agriculture and tourism, the area is renowned for its places of interest which includes an array of historic buildings and nature reserves.

The council operates a Data Centre from an office location and called in AIT Partnership Group Ltd to complete an Energy Efficiency Audit which could be used as a guide for the future development of the facility.

The challenge

The Data Centre team at East Riding of Yorkshire Council are very focused on reducing costs and energy use without reducing resilience. Having made a number of changes they wanted to have an independent assessment of their energy efficiency measures and to bring in some expert advice to recommend further improvements.

The Data Centre is located in a building that is predominantly used as an office and is not in a purpose built Data Centre facility. This imposed some limitations on the recommended solutions, especially in terms of noise, to avoid disturbance to the people working in the office space.

The solution

AIT proposed a bronze level Data Centre audit to provide a concise roadmap for everyone responsible for running the Data Centre with a number of additional efficiency improvement options. Each option was provided with estimated costs and a return on investment calculation.

Unsurprisingly, the biggest opportunity for further cost savings was in improving the efficiency of the cooling infrastructure. Cooling represents about 25% of the energy use in a Data Centre, second only to the cost of powering the IT equipment itself. AIT Partnership Groups audit report highlighted several different options that could be practically implemented at the site, taking into account the noise pollution guidelines in place. AIT presented the findings of the report and held detailed discussions over the pros and cons of each of the recommended options with the IT and Facilities Management teams at East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

The result

The bronze level Data Centre audit provided the IT and Facility Management teams with an up-to-date and in-depth assessment of their facility. The report also recommended several options to unlock the facilities potential. These included; developing best practice Data Centre processes for IT and Facilities and a number of capital expenditure projects with return on investment calculations. The audit report provides a very cost effective means of guiding future planning at the facility, streamlining informed decision making and provides an independent assessment of the success of existing efficiency measures.