Verkada – Setting the New Standard for Enterprise Video Security

Verkada – Setting the New Standard for Enterprise Video Security

By using a Solid State Drive on the camera to store the video, and Cloud software to manage and monitor, Verkada video security systems only need to stream video when detailed HD viewing is required. The majority of the time it is just uploading a few kilobytes of SD snapshots to allow monitoring and intelligent search.

Cloud CCTV solutions:

  • Eliminate the NVR/DVR as single point of failure and security risk
  • Lower hardware support costs
  • Push updates and security patches automatically to each camera
  • Alert on tampering or camera malfunction
  • Use the power of Cloud based analytics such as: index and activity based search, ANPR, facial recognition
  • Easy sharing of cameras across all platforms and mobile devices, and between agencies
  • Simplifies network and security configuration with no need for complex VPNs
  • Fully encrypted data at rest and in transit
  • Centralisedremote-access command that is scalable to any number of locations


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Cloud watching
 – why the future of CCTV is in the Cloud

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Satisfied Clients:

“It’s effortless to find and share footage with Verkada – it takes minutes.”


Isaac Samuel
IT Manager

“I’m able to quickly access our cameras anywhere, from any device.”

Mary Oliver
Technology Director

“I smile when I talk about Verkada. I can’t say that about other systems our team uses.”

John Spirko
Senior Director of Loss Prevention

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