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SMARTset IoT software provides IT, Facilities and energy managers with an easy to use tool to lower energy and cooling costs and improve their understanding and control of their infrastructure.

SMARTset delivers complete connectivity, analysis and control across a broad range of industrial and commercial asset types. It focuses on the industrial and commercial built environment such as communication rooms, base stations, data centres and demand side response initiatives.

SMARTset is uniquely adaptable and configurable. It connects to any wireless or wired sensor, meter, M&E plant or IT asset using a variety of protocols and scales from a single data point to tens of thousands. Available as a hardware or virtual appliance or as SAAS it is used by Global Telecommunications Operators, large Data Centre operators and Universities as well as many Schools and councils.

Over 100,000 connectable devices are deployed on many thousands of sites offering operators unrivaled visibility, analytics and local and central control.

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AIT Professional Services for SMARTset
Energy Management Consultancy
Data Centre AUDIT
Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
Project Management
Application Development
Managed Services
AIT Complimentary Services & Solutions
Aerohive Cloud Networking; Secure IoT Wi Fi
Patch Manager; physical infrastructure and asset management software
Data Centre Build & Design
Capacity, Efficiency and Compliancy Audits
Cold Aisle Containment
PDUs, UPS, Cooling
Structured Cabling

SMARTset is a state of the art IoT platform. Watch video to learn more.

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