Raritan – KVM switches, Intelligent PDUs and Branch   Circuit Monitoring

Raritan – KVM switches, Intelligent PDUs and Branch Circuit Monitoring

AIT is Raritan’s oldest partner in the UK. With more experience than any other Reseller, Distributor or System  Integrator AIT provides the highest levels of service as well as the best price on all Raritan components.

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Raritan PX™

Series of Intelligent Rack PDUs

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Satisfied Clients:

“Our decision was easy; there was no vendor out there that provides Raritan’s level of outlet-level metering. We wanted a solution that could be deployed in our existing data centers, as well as one that would work in new locations. The key features in Raritan’s solution that appealed to us were data collection capabilities, analytics and reporting, and the support of open interfaces.”

Will Stevens, Senior IT Director at AOL


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Project Management
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Data Centre AUDIT
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Structured Cabling
Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

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AIT delivers trusted advice and technological solutions to hundreds of enterprises in the public and private sector providing Visibility, Analytics and Control of Network, Mobility and Cyber Security solutions and Physical Infrastructure at the edge and in the data centre. We are passionate about delivering the benefits of technology to your business, applying our expertise and drive to help you meet your goals. Our teams thrive on challenges and always go the extra mile to make sure your project succeeds.

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