Solihull Council Audit

Solihull Council Audit

Solihull Council automates asset management to drive efficiency and improve customer service

Solihull Council automates asset management

To drive efficiency and improve customer service

Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council is part of the West Midlands conurbation, 9 miles from the centre of Birmingham city centre. As part of its continued drive to reduce costs and provide value for money to its residents, the data centre team at Solihull MBC decided to further drive efficiency measures and extend the life of its packed data centre by introducing asset tracking. It worked with AIT to help define and implement a state of the art DCIM asset management solution.

The new solution allows the data centre operations team to update asset information on a mobile app while standing in front of the server racks, and provides real time information as they need it.


Tony Daly, the lead Data Centre Technician at Solihull Council, states what they needed:

I lead the team that look after the data centre. We had a goal to make improvements to the Data Centre to improve the efficiency and reduce costs. As part of previous initiatives we had had already installed power metering and improved air flow within the data centre to monitor and bear down on costs. In order to drive further efficiency savings we wanted to maximise the use of available resources in the data centre and reduce support costs by automating asset and cable management in their data centre.

“The AIT team listened to our needs and recommended a solution to fit our exact requirements with minimum costs for the council.” said Tony.

Asset tracking and network management had been done using spread sheets and graphics packages. AIT proposed AIT PIMs, a component based DCIM software solution, to automate this approach.

The key benefits delivered by AIT PIMs were: to increase capacity by making use of all the rack space in a very cramped data centre, to improve asset management and location tracking, to manage moves and changes in real time and to speed up fault diagnosis and fix times.

A key feature of the software is the mobile app which allows users to view and update AIT PIMs while standing at the rack;

“The mobile app improves our productivity. We now make faster more informed decisions because we have all the relevant information at our finger tips while standing in front of the rack. We update asset records and carry out and sign off moves and changes work orders directly. This saves time and ensures we maintain accurate records.” continued Tony.



AIT audited the existing asset and network connectivity spreadsheets before importing them into the AIT PIMs software. Full training was provided to the councils data centre team for operational use with the ongoing support of AITs 24/7 technical helpdesk.

The data centre operations team can now immediately locate their servers and assets to diagnose faults or install upgrades, manage rack space to minimise stranded capacity and streamline their work flow when they make moves and changes.

“The asset management system enables us to instantly locate hardware and visualise connectivity with ease, helping us to reduce fix times when problems occur and maximise data centre utilisation.” concluded Tony Daly.

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Clients testimonial

Tony Daly
Operations Team Supervisor, Solihull Council
We quickly got to trust AIT’s advice and respect their technical expertise. Their industry knowledge and experience enabled them to recommend the improvements we needed, both to make Solihull Council’s data centre more resilient and to drive down our energy costs over time.

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