Nottingham University

Nottingham University

AIT helps improve remote access and energy efficiency for Nottingham University.

AIT Helps Improve Remote Access

And Energy Efficiency

Located in the heart of the city centre, the world class University of Nottingham is renowned for its excellence in research and education.

As a large, international university, with seven campuses spread across the UK, Malaysia and China and nearly 40,000 students, ICT plays a crucial role in the university’s development. As a result, their systems need to run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – that’s a lot of energy!


To help to manage the demand the University opened a new data centre and asked AIT for help with remotely accessing servers and accurately monitoring their power consumption.

The university also undertook a refurbishment of their existing data centre, taking the opportunity to link into the KVM system in the new centre.

AIT designed a data centre infrastructure management system consisting of an integrated KVM and power management solution to deliver secure remote access to servers and IT and gave accurate metering and reporting of the power consumed by each asset.

The solutions AIT provided also tackled the issue of energy efficiency. With a reputation for leading the way the University of Nottingham needs to stay ahead, developing and delivering sustainable ICT strategies, which work to reduce energy requirements.



The university’s ICT is well within the cap for the governments Carbon Reduction Commitment – with an 8MW point load. But as the university continues to grow and develop, power consumption will became more critical.

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Clients testimonial

Chris Tadman
Responsible for ICT at the university
When people see the consequence of their own consumption and understand their impact on the bigger picture, energy consumption improves. With less energy consumed, costs are reduced and the solution becomes more sustainable.

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