AIT assist with eliminating capacity issues as previous controller-based wireless solution become outdated and struggle to cope with demands.

Casio has long been regarded as a quality manufacturer of digital products including Pianos, Calculators, EPoS systems and an extensive range of watches, from the tough G-SHOCK and BABY-G brands to the Bluetooth equipped Edifice chronograph.

Casio was founded in 1946 and created the world’s first electric compact computer in 1957. Since then Casio has developed into a multinational company with over 25 subsidiaries around the world, one of the earliest established being the UK headquarters based in London.


With the growth of connected devices used per person rising both outside and within the workplace, Casio had seen their previous controller-based wireless solution become outdated and struggling to cope with the expanding needs of the business across several areas. With a variety of departments operating out of the London HQ and all requiring secure wireless connectivity to perform different tasks, Casio called in AIT to make recommendations on eliminating capacity issues.

A key consideration when specifying the right solution was the variety of roles the network would be used for. Under one roof the solution would have to cope with the demands from the warehouse operators using barcode scanners, the IT team and sales and marketing teams all requiring connectivity for different uses. With this in mind, the Aerohive Networks controller-less WLAN solution was chosen. The controller-less architecture makes management of the wireless network far simpler without compromising on the security and performance. Scalability is also made easy allowing Casio to expand their network as and when they need to in relation to the number of users.

Nazim AliAhmed, Systems Manager at Casio stated –

“After some research and recommendations, we shortlisted the Aerohive and Ruckus solutions as the front runners to replace the existing Netgear solution. AIT were introduced as an Aerohive Elite Partner and they kindly offered us a site survey with a fully functioning trial. We were given the opportunity to also trial the Ruckus solution by another reseller. Both were very impressive and could have easily fit in with what we needed, but in the end decided the Aerohive controller-less architecture was the way forward. That coupled with initial dealings with AIT and their in depth knowledge of the solution, we were confident we had the right solution with the right people to be working with on this project.”



With the Aerohive solution installed over autumn 2015, the results could be noticed immediately. Where the previous solution had become slow and cumbersome, every department can connect instantly and complete tasks with the knowledge that the network won’t drop out. Management of the network has also become a lot easier from the cloud based management system that Aerohive is based on, allowing network administrator’s total visibility and control of who and what is using the network at any one time.

Clients testimonial

Nazim AliAhmed
Systems Manager, Casio
Overall impressed with the solution and the services offered by AIT. We now have a solution that not only performs much better, but gives us the visibility and control that we need to meet the growing demands of wireless access.

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