Point to point wireless

Point to point wireless

Connect buildings with reliable, low latency, high speed point to point connectivity. No delays, no waiting for a leased line or for a fibre installation. AIT has 15 years’ experience of installing all types of Point to Point and Point to Multipoint links on buildings of all types.

Point to point connectivity
  • Most links can be installed without the need for licensing
  • Where licensing is required it is usually just a simple registration process
  • Wide range of solutions and technologies from simple 100m P2P links between building s to carrier grade multi Gbps connectivity over 50 km or more
  • Line of sight, near line of sight and non-line of sight options
  • Installed and supported by AITs professional services team with years of experience and unrivalled expertise

Wide range of applications including:

  • Leased-Line Replacement
  • Rural Connectivity
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Industrial IoT
  • Video Surveillance
  • Outdoor Wi-Fi
  • Fibre backup for link diversity and disaster recovery
  • 3G cellular and WLAN/WiMAX back haul in dense urban networks
  • Portable and temporary links for high-definition video or HDTV transport
Simon Ranson
IT Manager for Wood Group Mustang
“We looked at using a leased line from various suppliers but we would have had to wait at least 2 months for a connection and we needed a practical solution faster than any leased line provider could deliver. The point-to-point link was installed and running within two weeks of placing the order and has been running for five years of continuous operation, keeping staff connected and working”

Professional solutions

AIT has a unique blend of experience and skills in Wireless, Networking and Software Development.

Our solutions include the best products from leading brands combined with innovative software development and integration from our in house teams to ensure all your challenges are met.

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