Managed Services

An AIT Managed Service provides a powerful way for you to achieve your objectives.

    • We have experienced cross-functional teams and a strong service culture focused on customer outcomes.
    • Our listening approach enables us to build agile Managed Services that evolve to meet the changing demands of your organisation.
    • Our Service Desk ensures consistent delivery and reliable performance. Regular services reviews provide continuous improvement.

Tell us about your business and find out how an AIT Managed Service delivers expertise, resources and insights.

Managed services tend to be configured, designed, operated, and monitored more effectively than any customer designing their own service could achieve.

This includes solving hard security challenges (such as data encryption, access control, and integrated monitoring). This is because managed services can normally bring more specialist expertise to focus on a single problem. When customers try to tackle the same problem, it’s just one small aspect of a much bigger system and one job amongst a huge list of other tasks.

By using managed services, particularly in cloud services, the provider’s expertise can be used as a commodity. For example, a managed database service benefits from the vendor’s investments in expertise in the underlying database product.

This means that each customer benefits from more expertise than they would get if they had to buy-in this expertise.


A different approach to managed services

Agile expertise, resource and insight. Together we focus on your business.