Hot Aisle/Cold Aisle ROI Calculator

Hot Aisle/Cold Aisle ROI Calculator

Installing a rack containment solution is one of the first energy efficiency measures you should consider.

With a return on investment in most instances of less than 2 years, a well designed and installed system will enable you to increase the temperature of the air supplied by your air conditioning units, resulting in lower energy costs. Containment can be installed in new or old facilities and delivers significant savings even to smaller server rooms with just a few racks.

Complete the fields below and hit the calculate button to see how many months we estimate it will take for a new containment solution to pay for itself.

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Total Cooling Load: 0 KW
Cooling Load (excluding IT Fans): 0 KW
Subfloor Supply Air Temperature: 0 °C
Post Containment Inlet Temperature: 0 °C
Post Containment Subfloor Supply Air Temperature: 0 °C
KW Saving / hour: 0 KW
Annual KWh Saving: 0 KWh
Annual Cost Saving: £ 0
ROI: 0 months

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