DCIM ROI Calculator

DCIM ROI Calculator

Discover how quickly you will get a return on investment (ROI) from DCIM

To calculate how many months it will take to realise net savings on a typical AIT DCIM service first complete the energy cost calculator and then use the drop down menus to select how you currently mange your data centre.

Finally just hit the calculate button to see how many months we estimate it will take before your DCIM investment has paid for itself.

Energy Cost Calculator
kWh Cost (pence)
Number of Racks
Rack Density
Current Management Method
Asset Management
Capacity Management
Workflow Management
Power Cable Documentation
Network Cable Documentation
Estimated Annual Energy cost: £ 15,768
Monthly DCIM cost*: £ 2,342
ROI** : 223.9 months

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* the DCIM cost is based on the AIT PIMs SAAS model licensed by rack including estimated professional services for implementation and support

** the ROI assumes savings in time based on your selection criteria and a 10% improvement in PUE after 12 months. The ROI number shows the number of months it will take for the savings to pay for the past and ongoing costs of the AIT DCIM service

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