Data Centre Energy Cost Calculator

Data Centre Energy Cost Calculator

Save Energy, Shrink your Carbon Footprint and Reduce Costs by increasing Data Centre Efficiency!

You could make annual Data Centre energy savings of over £500,000 by implementing the latest efficiency measures in your Data Centre (assuming 100 server racks each using 5kW with energy costs at 8p/kWh).

Use our Data Centre energy cost calculator below to find out how much money your Data Centre could be saving.

As a leading provider of Data Centre energy solutions our expertise can reduce your Data Centre energy costs. Ring the AIT Data Centre efficiency team on 0845 293 2790 or submit an enquiry for free advice and ideas to help you take control of your Data Centre energy costs.

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Potential yearly saving from an audit if efficiency recommendations are implemented.

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Rack Density Definitions
Rack Density Definition of Data Centre type Load (kW)
Low Standard 1 or 2 U servers with no blade chassis or high density computing. 1kW
Medium Mainly standard 1 or 2 U servers with some blade chassis or high density computers deployed. 2.5kW
High A mix of blade chassis or high density computing with some 1 or 2 U standard servers deployed. 5kW
Very High Blade chassis or high density computing 10kW
PUE Definitions
Efficiency PUE Definition
Inefficient 3 Old plant or poorly managed
Average 1.8 Mix of old & new plant with some use of best practise
Efficient 1.4 Well managed using best practise
State of the Art 1.2 Newly built with high efficiency plant

Where PUE is Power Usage Effectiveness; a standard metric devised by the Green Grid as a guide to Data Centre efficiency.
PUE = Total Facility Load (including IT Load, cooling/lighting and electrical systems) / IT Load.

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