Over the last year we have witnessed the remarkable self-sacrifice of NHS and Key Workers. The NHS was severely tested, under resourced and underfunded it came through because of the spirit and determination of its people. It is a reminder, and an example, of what a team can achieve when given a unifying vision and a goal. As a result of their inspirational effort the future is looking a whole lot brighter.

Throughout the pandemic AIT has, like many businesses, continued to operate and support our national infrastructure. Our engineers continued to attend client sites supporting their networks and data centres. Working for the NHS, Police forces, Highways England, National Grid, Universities, Supermarkets, Engineering companies and Banks, our team helped to keep the lights on. We did our job but let’s not forget that the NHS and many other key workers stepped up and went way beyond what anyone could have expected. As businesses we have to follow that example and do more. Being profitable or growing is no longer enough. We have to accept our responsibility to making this a better world,

All businesses have to step up to the plate. Now is the time to take some risks, invest in people and technology and take advantage of the pent up demand and surplus cash in our economy. We have to be bold and go for it. If we don’t then our economy will falter and we won’t be able to repay the debt we owe to the NHS and Key Workers. 

At AIT we are recruiting and investing in apprenticeships and new technology. We want to improve our clients infrastructure while making our company a great place to work and our society a better place to live!. The time for clapping is over, it’s time to get on and do it. Our society faces some huge challenges and an existential threat from Climate Change.  We don’t have all the answers to this threat at AIT but we do have some. Our managed services and technologies increase capacity and resilience of Data Centre and Edge Infrastructure, reducing carbon emissions and energy costs. Doing good for society is also good for business, By using Cloud and AI technologies we also make your networks more secure and easier to use and manage. Our approach to Cyber Security is not to build walls, given the scale of the threat we don’t think it is possible to stop all breaches, but to detect threats and automate the response to them when they are inside your network. Experts agree that a networks most significant vulnerability is the people using and administering it. Our approach tackles this head on. Analysing traffic patterns inside your network to detect threats and automating a response without putting more of a burden on overstretched security teams.  

If you want to tackle these problems then we want to listen to you and partner with you to become part of the solution. Let’s solve the problems that we face as individuals, as organisations and as a society.