For many organisations the answer is to do nothing! Many are already managing their data centre and edge infrastructure so badly that it would be hard to waste more money. If however you are unsure how you can increase costs further we have some advice for you

If you are the CFO of a large organisation you probably have no idea what your data centre and Edge operating costs are. That’s probably why you have outsourced the problem, which is a very good way of ensuring you increase your costs. Renting a rack in a Co-Location data centre for your servers will cost you between £6,000 and £12,000 per year. Over the medium term it is going to be a lot more expensive than investing in your own facility. Of course you may not want to tie up capital running your own data centre facility but if you do want to increase your costs renting space in a Co-Location site is a very effective way of achieving this.

Another effective strategy is to make sure that your data centres have not employed any efficiency measures. The difference in operating costs between an efficient data centre and an inefficient one is huge. The cost of the electricity required to power a rack of servers is only half the problem. The heat all that energy is converted into can be very expensive to remove. If you don’t your servers will catch fire and burn!  Reducing the cost of cooling your racks does not always require a big capital investment but it can reduce the operating cost significantly. The difference in operating cost between an efficiently cooled data centre and an inefficient one is between £2,000 and £8,000 per rack per year. That’s a saving of up to £800,000 per year on a 100 rack data centre.

If you want to increase costs it’s also very important that you don’t monitor or analyse your data centre or remote edge infrastructure. Make sure that you don’t use DCIM software, or a managed service to embed good process and manage assets, as this will reduce the cost of maintenance, identify trends and cost savings and reduce server downtime.  Don’t use them!

Perhaps an even better cost increasing strategy than not investing in monitoring and managing tools is to invest in them and not use them! We have seen countless examples where organisations have spent upwards of £2,000 per rack on “intelligent” power distribution units to monitor power consumption at the rack but have done nothing with the data collected or not even bothered to collect it. In some cases they haven’t even connected the units to a network, leaving them as the proud owners of hundreds of dumb unmonitored sockets and, for a 100 rack data centre, an impressive waste of £180,000.

So if you are a CFO and don’t want to reduce your costs don’t visit our website and look at our cost calculators. If you have a 100 racks or more it will be far easier to make similar savings through cutting staff costs and making 25 or more people redundant. Technology costs are so high and it’s so easy to get rid of people why bother making your data centre more efficient. As for reducing carbon emission well just leave that to the next generation! So please do not contact AIT to arrange an independent Audit of your infrastructure. This will ruin your strategy because we will identify where savings can be made without impacting on resilience and server uptime and you might have to implement them!

Equally if you are a CTO or Data Centre Manager that wants to make sure the business continues to burn cash then don’t contact AIT. Our Audits and Managed Services would help you prepare a compelling ROI for investment to improve the infrastructure which would secure jobs and lead to interesting projects where you make a difference.