Data Centre & Edge Managed Services

If you have 20 or 20,000 racks in either a data centre or distributed across edge networks, you could benefit from an AIT Managed Service to help monitor and control your power and cooling infrastructure.

Our Managed Services are all tailored to meet your specific requirements. We listen to you to fully understand your objectives and then build a service to meet them.

Our service catalogue has a wide range of services to assist your business. With our expertise and resources across multiple disciplines such as cooling, power and IT, we look to bring you benefits such as:

    • Reduced risk of outages and guaranteed levels of service
    • Increased resilience and reduced downtime
    • Lower energy costs and carbon emissions
    • Increased capacity through understanding of your true capacity to raise thresholds
    • Insights into energy use and improved infrastructure strategy and decision making
    • Improved integration and communication between building, data centre and IT teams and systems.

With increasing demands on infrastructure, you need to be in control and have visibility of capacity and efficiency across your estate.

We listen and then deliver the solution you need by partnering with you, from design through to transition and operation.

A different approach to managed services

Agile expertise, resource and insight. Together we focus on your business.