Manage and Optimise

Manage and Optimise

Manage & Optimise

Maximum Uptime at Minimum Cost

Many businesses are unaware of the costs of running a data centre. Even a few racks can cost many tens of thousands of pounds in energy costs each year. Reducing these costs and effectively managing data centre infrastructure is a complex task requiring an understanding of both Mechanical and Electrical engineering and IT skills. It is becoming harder to find this mix of expertise as experienced people retire. Moving computing to the Cloud or to a Co-Location provider is not always possible and can be an expensive answer to this problem.

At AIT we provide the expertise, innovative solutions and managed services to help you meet the challenges of maintaining uptime and saving costs. Our team will deliver tangible benefits including:

  • Predicting failure and increase uptime
  • Improving capacity planning so you can safely Install more assets using the same infrastructure
  • Identifying inefficiencies and save costs
  • Speeding up processes, enforcing best practise and achieving compliance

We achieve this by working with you to understand your challenges and adapting our solutions to fit your requirements. Our virtual tool bag contains a range of solutions to achieve this:

  • Managed service contracts to Audit, assess, predict, diagnose and repair
  • UPS
  • Air Flow optimisation
  • Aisle Containment
  • Environmental and Power Metering
  • Monitoring, Control and Management software
  • Integration of systems to improve the information flow around the business

UPS Solutions from AIT

The world’s leading data centres can only use reliable brands which is why at AIT we only partner with manufacturers whose Uninterruptible Power Supplies are used to run some of the most critical data centres and servers in use today.

When choosing a UPS there are 3 critical factors to consider;

  • Reliability
  • Efficiency
  • Installation, Support and Monitoring

At AIT our experts can help you choose the best solution for your environment and needs. This isn’t always the best known brand and significant savings can be made by looking beyond the badge without compromising on reliability, quality and energy efficiency.

Our solutions cover all types and sizes of UPS from 1 to 500 KVA. Whatever  your  requirements.

Call or e-mail AIT for an immediate quotation.

AIT also installs supports and maintains critical infrastructure systems like UPS and Cooling units. Without qualified expert support services even the best products fail. To provide the back up your critical equipment needs and to keep it running at optimal efficiency your UPS will need to be supported. If you don’t have in-house resource to do this please request a quote from AIT.

AIT provides independent advice to help you choose the best solution for your needs. Our experience of working in large critical data centres means we can help customers of all sizes across all sectors choose the right product. If you need more than just a product our electrical installation and support team provide all the services you need and  our consultants can advise on your energy and resilience challenges with a range of Audits and services.

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You can increase your data centre capacity, extending its life and saving the cost of upgrading, building or moving server processing to the Cloud or a Co-Location provider.

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