AI: Is it Artificial or Intelligent?

There are lots of scare stories around at the moment about demonic robots stealing our jobs and wiping out the human race. More positively some people are predicting a future where we no longer need a job.

Upgrading your Facility Management to the 21 st Century

Sorry for the use of the marketing cliché “Digital Transformation”, like most of these terms it means something different to every reader, and what I gained in brevity by using it I have now lost by having to excuse and explain its use

What Are the Top Concerns for Data Centre Managers?

Data centres are in the midst of another evolutionary cycle. Emerging technologies coupled with changing environmental concerns have led to an environment of numerous moving and nonmoving parts that must cohesively work together.

Can your servers stand the heat?

Guest blog explores how to take full advantage of outside environmental conditions to cool your IT equipment.

The hidden cost of IT!

As an IT professional should you care what it costs to run IT equipment?