The 4 best ways for CFOs to increase Data Centre operating costs

For many organisations the answer is to do nothing! Many are already managing their data centre and edge infrastructure so badly that it would be hard to waste more money. […]

Cloud networking solution

ExtremeCloud IQ from Extreme Networks is now fully operational to run on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. With today’s announcement, Extreme Networks solidifies its first mover position […]

What have I learnt from COVID-19?

A few thoughtful musings from our founder following eight weeks in lockdown: The crisis has accelerated existing trends it hasn’t created new ones – at least not yet. Digital transformation […]

Leadership in a time of crisis

There are many definitions of leadership and countless books on the subject that try to formulate what makes an effective leader. Although we sometimes find it hard to articulate, we […]

Delivering business continuity in Utilities

With the number of cases of Covid-19 in the UK now increasing at a dramatic rate, all sectors and businesses are looking at how they can safeguard staff while ensuring […]

Six reasons why you should invest in DCIM software

More and more Data Centres are implementing Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software. Do you need to? Using home-grown databases, Visio drawings or Excel sheets to manage your data centre […]

Secure direct access

Probably the biggest impact on individuals from measures to combat coronavirus is the way they are working. Form commuting to and from a place of work, constantly interacting with colleagues […]

We have come of age! Anyone fancy a pint?

AIT was 18 last month! Thank you to all those who sent their congratulations – it feels like a big achievement – and a big thanks to our team members, […]

Data Centre operators not keen on green

An annual report that aims to help IT leaders to lessen the long-term environmental impact of their data centre equipment purchases reveals that most data centre operators do not prioritise […]

Wi-Fi 6 for dummies

Find out all about Wi-Fi 6 and the real world implications of this new technology from this excellent book published by Extreme Networks. Wi-Fi 6 technology is all about better and […]