Data Centre operators not keen on green

An annual report that aims to help IT leaders to lessen the long-term environmental impact of their data centre equipment purchases reveals that most data centre operators do not prioritise

Wi-Fi 6 for dummies

Find out all about Wi-Fi 6 and the real world implications of this new technology from this excellent book published by Extreme Networks. Wi-Fi 6 technology is all about better and

We can do this!

We can do this! All it takes to make Data Centres more efficient is a change in attitude! “Tis the season to be jolly” so let’s banish the midwinter gloom

Digitally transforming the cooling of a data centre

Scottish University of the Year fights Climate Change by Digitally Transforming the cooling of its Data Centre Industrial IoT SMARTset software deployed by University of Aberdeen to manage free cooling

Don’t be a frog, jump before you boil!

Don’t be a frog, jump before you boil! How Digital Transformation is set to disrupt the analogue world of BMS and how to survive it! June 26, 2019 by Steve Bailey in

Why your biggest IT Security Vulnerability is Physical!

How much does your organisation spend on Cyber Security products? No doubt it’s a significant sum but this could all be wasted for the want of a secure and easy to use rack door locking system in your data centres and Comms rooms.

It’s not all about Alexa!

The bigger the business the bigger the potential energy saving, but also the bigger the obstacles to delivering success, so when AIT was engaged to help one of Britain’s biggest Telecoms company complete “free cooling” projects in data Centre’s in Glasgow, Derby, Sheffield and Oswestry we knew we faced a challenge.

7 Reasons why you DON’T need a DCIM solution

You are not worried about outages. Your Data Centre manager has it covered and knows exactly how much capacity you have… it’s all on a clever spreadsheet on their laptop.

5 Reasons Aerohive Offers The Best Wi-Fi Solution For Higher Education

Aerohive was the first company to ship 802.11ax enterprise access points, one of our customers to benefit from this technology was actually Wellington College in the UK.

If it’s not alright it isn’t the end!

One of my favourite feel good films is the Best Marigold Hotel, with its often repeated refrain of “everything will be alright in the end and if it’s not alright it’s not the end”. It delivers a lovely warm comforting glow but there is also an iron clad logic to it that stimulates deeper thinking and reminds me if everything is to turn out all right we need leadership and action.