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AIT is not just another business; our values and culture, our agility and our passion help us punch well above our weight. If you want to join a team selling enterprise technology to large public sector and corporate customers, without having to work in a “corporate” culture, then AIT may be the right place for you. If you feel that your values match ours and you are looking for more than just a wage please contact us to discuss joining the team.

Honesty and Integrity      Can Do Attitude

Team Players          Customer Focused

Ownership and Accountability

Honesty and Integrity

We maintain and uphold our values at all times, even when the going gets tough.  We are consistent and fair to everyone regardless of position, age, gender, race or sexuality. We provide open and honest feedback to make AIT an even better place to work in and do business with.  We are not afraid to speak out if something is wrong, or if we think something can be improved.  We are honest with ourselves and aware of our impact on others. We show humility by listening and changing our behavior in response to advice. We continuously learn to become better leaders, team members and people.

Can Do Attitude

We embrace change and treat challenges as opportunities. We are always curious and keen to learn and develop new skills and new ways of doing things. We respond positively to requests for help even when we are unsure how to complete the task. If we don’t have an answer we say so and research and ask for help until we find it.

Team Player

We work together with our colleagues to achieve goals and deliver results. Having fun and celebrating the achievement of the team provides us with more satisfaction than individual success. We respect and show care and consideration for our team mates. We are dependable, consistent and flexible. We share the load and support team mates who need help.

Customer Focused

Without our customers we wouldn’t exist! Everything we do is focused on meeting our customers’ needs. We achieve this through really listening to our customers’ to fully understand what they need and then delivering it. Our people, our process, our culture are focused on the customer. .

Ownership and Accountability    

Because we want to make a difference and get things done, we commit to our actions and care about the outcome. We take the initiative to solve problems not waiting to be told. This means we are trusted to hold ourselves accountable and own the results. When we make mistakes we put our hands up, learn the lessons and put it right!

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If you would like to know more about how we can work with you or if you have a project in mind please feel free to email or call us on 0845 293 2790.