EMS powered by SMARTset 


See all your critical infrastructure or network devices in one place


See all your critical infrastructure or network devices in one place

Software development and Innovation to provide Business Intelligence



Software development and Innovation to provide Business Intelligence

Predict and identify problems and make remote changes



Predict and identify problems and make remote changes

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Use the power of the Cloud and innovative Industrial IoT technology to monitor and manage your energy use across your estate and reduce your reliance on costly proprietary Building Management Systems.

Identify inefficiencies and reduce energy costs.

Charge energy and carbon use to business units.

Leverage your investment in BMS by exporting proprietary data into an innovative industrial IoT platform.

Pre-empt and prevent faults by analysing data for patterns, trends and spikes.

Identify and eliminate inefficiencies in your technical estate.

Reduce support overheads by automating reporting and federated alarms.

Deliver insights to the business on energy use and carbon emissions.

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powered by SMARTset

Cuts energy costs and carbon emissions.

Pre-empt failures and pro long life of critical equipment.

Zero maintenance technology using innovative filtering and pressure to eliminate contaminants.

Integrated SMARTset appliance delivers automated control and real time monitoring.

Fitted with variable speed, electronically commutated (EC) fans to provide industry leading efficiency.


Download the COOLflow datasheet for more information.

Download the COOLflow datasheet for more information.


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AIT delivers trusted advice and technological solutions to hundreds of enterprises in the public and private sector providing Visibility, Analytics and Control of Network, Mobility and Cyber Security solutions and Physical Infrastructure at the edge and in the data centre. We are passionate about delivering the benefits of technology to your business, applying our expertise and drive to help you meet your goals. Our teams thrive on challenges and always go the extra mile to make sure your project succeeds.

We set up AIT Partnership Group Ltd in 2002 because we thought we could provide a better level of service than what was available from the company we worked for at the time and their competitors. Thankfully you agreed and we have grown steadily since 2002. Today we deliver trusted advice to hundreds of enterprises in the public and private sector, providing services and solutions across our 3 divisions; Data Centre, Wireless & Networking, and Physical Infrastructure Management. AIT has helped thousands of organisations realise the benefit of technological innovation. We have achieved this because we are passionate about what we do, using technology to make it easier for you to manage your Data Centre, Wireless Networks and Physical Infrastructure, in turn reducing your risk and saving both money and time.

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SMARTset Alarms & Controls

Discover SMARTset’s Alarms & Controls module’s ability to define control algorithms for SCADA type operations, and create sophisticated alarm conditions. 


Explore SMARTset’s EMS – an Industrial Energy Management System which creates a ‘single pane of glass’ with infinitely flexible control 



Find out more about the SMARTstation controller unit. This includes technical specification, misc features, typical applications and general specification.


SMARTset Reports

Understand more about SMARTset Reports: providing insight and analytics straight to the inbox. Screenshots of reports are included. 

SMARTset Overview

Find out how you can manage your manage your Technical Estate’s new and existing infrastructure from one connected intelligent view.

SMARTset Optimisation

A datasheet exploring real-time CFD and environmental analysis in the browser, and a how a clear understanding of your capacity benefits you. 

SMARTset Monitor

Explore how SMARTset provides a flexible and comprehensive view of your environment using customisable and powerful visual representations. 

SMARTset Integration

Find out more about how SMARTset’s plugin which allows developers to integrate new features into SMARTset or provide custom widgets. 

SMARTSet Downloads

A 'single pane of glass' with infinitely flexible control and visibility of local energy management, storage, usage and grid supply.

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Contact AIT to discuss how SMARTset EMS can help you cut energy costs and carbon emissions through the Digital Transformation of your energy Management.

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SMARTset EMS is easy to use, nonproprietary and, because it can connect to your existing proprietary BMS, it is low cost and quick to install. It can be used by Energy Managers and operations or facilities management support teams without any programming capability or delivered as a managed service by AIT. 

Automated Free Cooling System Designed for Equipment Rooms, Telecoms Cabins, Data Centres and Edge Computing.

Saves up to 80% of cooling costs
ROI of less thna 2 years
Fully funded options available

Analyse current and historic data of gas, water and electricity

Customisable dashboards with dials, graphs heat maps, traffic lights and alarms

Provide SCADA control functionality of M&E plant including HVAC boilers and chillers

SMARTset EMS also provides low cost, feature rich SCADA control functions to augment, or in some case, replace a BMS.