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PowerDCM® – now including KVM access to servers

Monitors temperature and power consumption of individual servers AND provides multi-platform KVM access – in a single low cost software solution!

To maximise your Data Centre’s capacity you need to know how many servers you can install in each rack without exceeding power and cooling limits. You know that your calculations based on faceplate power ratings will overstate power use and lead to wasted rack space; and that calculations based on occasional manual readings can’t capture power peaks that occur under heavy usage or elevated temperatures. So what do you do? Install expensive iPDUS, sensors and meters?

Alternatively install PowerDCM® software to collect the data that is already stored on your servers.

Direct Power and Temperature Measurements

PowerDCM software installs in minutes to unlock the server data you need. No sensors, meters or hardware are required. The unique PowerDCM dashboard provides you with all the data you need to;

  • Identify stranded power; the difference between real and estimated power use.
  • Install more servers into existing racks to save on the costs of new rack deployments
  • Monitor the actual server inlet temperature so you can safely increase set points and save on cooling costs
  • Detect “Zombie” servers and inefficient servers
  • Simplify KVM access from a single GUI to ALL your servers, including Dell, HP &  IBM, no hardware or cabling required,
  • Monitor and Access as few as 5 servers or up to 10,000 with 50 simultaneous users

Multi-Platform Support

PowerDCM works cross platform (servers, chassis, blades, iPDUs, UPS, switches) and with multiple vendors including Dell, HP, IBM, Cisco and APC. It provides power and temperature peak, average and historical trend information about your servers, racks and rooms through a simple graphical interface.

A cost effective analysis solution PowerDCM gives you the hard data you need to retire old servers, maximise rack utilisation, or raise temperature set points to save you money.

To find out more about PowerDCM ring us on 0845  293 2790, or submit an enquiry.