Aerohive A3 


See all your critical infrastructure or network devices in one place


See all your critical infrastructure or network devices in one place

Software development and Innovation to provide Business Intelligence



Software development and Innovation to provide Business Intelligence

Predict and identify problems and make remote changes



Predict and identify problems and make remote changes

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Aerohive A3 

Exinda provides real-time monitoring and full control of  voice, video and data  applications in the Public and 
Private Cloud.  

With fast troubleshooting and fault resolution of business critical services like Skype, Office 365 and SharePoint 

Exinda has helped over 4,000 organizations across 80 countries guarantee application performance, improve quality of experience and reduce network operating costs.


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Improve Cooling Efficiency

Separating the hot and cold aisles with a containment solution stops hot air recirculating within the data centre and mixing with the cold inlet air. Such recirculation reduces overall cooling efficiency and helps prevent in rack hot spots developing.


Reduce Energy Costs

Ensuring hot and cold air separation enables high-volume air conditioning (HVAC) systems to work more efficiently, reducing power consumption and energy costs. A well designed containment system allows higher temperature set points by directing cooler air more directly to the server inlets.


Extend Equipment Life

Properly designed hot/cold aisle containment allows equipment to be kept at optimal temperatures, eliminating hot spots and extending the operational life of your IT equipment.

Increase Security

Doors included in the hot/cold aisle containment system may include manual or electronic security locks to ensure only authorised staff can access the containment zone.

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About AIT Partnership Group

AIT delivers trusted advice and technological solutions to hundreds of enterprises in the public and private sector providing Visibility, Analytics and Control of Network, Mobility and Cyber Security solutions and Physical Infrastructure at the edge and in the data centre. We are passionate about delivering the benefits of technology to your business, applying our expertise and drive to help you meet your goals. Our teams thrive on challenges and always go the extra mile to make sure your project succeeds.

We set up AIT Partnership Group Ltd in 2002 because we thought we could provide a better level of service than what was available from the company we worked for at the time and their competitors. Thankfully you agreed and we have grown steadily since 2002. Today we deliver trusted advice to hundreds of enterprises in the public and private sector, providing services and solutions across our 3 divisions; Data Centre, Wireless & Networking, and Physical Infrastructure Management. AIT has helped thousands of organisations realise the benefit of technological innovation. We have achieved this because we are passionate about what we do, using technology to make it easier for you to manage your Data Centre, Wireless Networks and Physical Infrastructure, in turn reducing your risk and saving both money and time.

About AIT Partnership Group

A3 provides complete vendor agnostic functionality for securing, managing and controlling all devices on your access network – from standard wired and wireless clients, to IoT and BYOD. As an industry-first, its streamlined workflows and intuitive user interface greatly reduce the operational complexity and cost typically associated with competitive incumbent offerings.

A3 delivers a complete secure access management solution for all wireless and wired clients on the network.

Self-service on boarding

Guest and BYOD management

Recognition, profiling and automated provisioning of all devices including IoT

Built-in 802.1X certificate authority

Real Time Security Posture Assessment for multiple OS

3rd party integration for IDS, MDM, Posture Assessment solutions

Network Access Control (NAC)

Vendor agnostic and can be deployed on all major vendors’ access networks.

Supports PPSK management

A3 Integrates with your existing Security infrastructure

A3 provides complete functionality for secure access management, and integrates seamlessly with your existing IT security infrastructure, including all best-of-breed firewalls, MDM/Endpoint Security systems, Intrusion Detection Systems and Posture Assessment solutions.

Available as a Service in Public or Private cloud or install as a Virtual Appliance on a Virtual Machine as a Portable Cloud.

Simplified management makes A3 easier to use, less expensive and with more features than competing AAA products from Cicso, HP and others

Reduce Network Complexity 

Increase Network Intelligence

All Aboard



Radius / Guest

Acess Control